"I am an artist who paints in mixed media, sculpts with clay, and creates three dimensional assemblages bringing diverse materials together. The focus of the painted work is primarily abstract whereby color, line and texture are the tools used to explore my inner landscape. I consider all of my work to be intuitively expressed and feeling based rather than conceptually oriented. For example, if I am in a summery mood, I may wish to create a three dimensional artwork that takes me to that place inside, using materials that give me the feeling of summer. I may also add objects that one may not associate with summer, but somehow complete the work for me. 


I am greatly influenced and inspired by the seasons, nature and music. 


Although I do not focus on a goal per se, what I do hope to achieve, regardless of the mediums or stylistic approach, is a visual sense of balance and soulful harmony overall--an artwork which resonates with the feelings that initiated it, and expresses something very individual within and about me."


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