Mary Ann Wakeley. Mixed Media Art

feel like I have been making abstract paintings all my life. It seems impossible for me to separate my inner nature from what I create. All that I am is expressed in my work. This is why creating abstract art is a natural form of expression for me--it all has to do with patterns that exist within me. It is the natural path to understanding my relationship with my self.


Since childhood I have had an affinity with certain colors and tones, and a fascination with line. I distinctly remember drawing a line and then cutting it with scissors and watching it disappear and wondering where it went. The colors I loved as a child were deep and jewel toned. I remember them like old friends. Now, the palette is more varied--blended--with the jewel tones finding their way into lines more than forms. When I first started painting in the abstract as an adult, combining color and line, and experiencing their versatility, it felt like something magical was happening. And the magic still happens each time I step into the studio.

I have exhibited my work in the Philadelphia area and elsewhere in the U.S. I favor exhibiting and selling my work online because it allows me to make better use of my time and resources. For a brief period I partnered in running a local art gallery. I have worked one on one with other artists in online workshops. At present, I am focusing on time in the studio just to paint, work with my hands, and see what happens. I work in a very small space which forces me to edit and stay organized.

This website was created by me and has had many visual reincarnations as I love to work on arranging visuals and connect them to other elements. I now have two websites. The second and newest website is House of Abstraction LLC. It is the site where I will be offering some original work but mainly printed merchandise based on my original paintings. In addition, I have two Zazzle stores. One--Seaside Arts--is an older store that I started many years ago and did not put much effort into but am currently bringing up to date. It has some older abstract art designs with newer beach photography merchandise. The other Zazzle store, House of Abstraction, offers printed products from more recent original art. It's a lot of work but so much fun to put it all together. In addition, I am continuing to offer original work and prints on Saatchi Art.


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